Emotional and Physical Intimacy in a Long-Distance Relationship

Most people cringe at the sound of a long-distance relationship. Some others would never even consider going into it. This is as a result of the perception that such relationships are difficult to maintain, with challenges like lack of physical presence, communication issues, and emotional strain. However, whatever be the reason, it is important to note that every relationship needs conscious efforts from both parties to thrive. A relationship is like a plant and like a plant it needs to be nurtured to blossom. Thus, both physical relationships and long distance require efforts and responsibilities to last.

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Adding to this is the fast rising of globalization and how far technology has spread, everything seems to be digitalized and social media is currently in vogue. Every young person has a social media application be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram. Older people who are well informed are not exempted as these applications aid in the smooth running of personal transactions and business. Some other applications like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Match.com, etc are created for the sole purpose of matching people, finding love and dating. Many relationships started from these social media platforms and are striving.

While others connect and find out they live in the same city, others find out that they live in different cities, countries and even continents. Some give it a try, others might decide to opt-out considering the distance.

How to Thrive in a Long-Distance Relationship

The thought of not being geographically close to your partner or not being able to see your partner as much as you want could be discouraging and evoke feelings of doubt and loneliness.
However, a long-distance relationship is a vital tool for patience, commitment and testing one’s love.

Long-distance Relationships require personal convictions. Yes, we might not be geographically present or able to see each other as often as we want but we are ready to put in the work. We are ready to see that we grow and we are willing to sacrifice some things just so we can survive together. We might miss out on some fun but this is worth it.

I will be sharing effective methods on how to thrive in a long-distance relationship, considering both the emotional and physical aspects of the couple’s lives. These methods are your best shots at ensuring the longevity of the relationship and building them should be of utmost importance to anybody looking to go into a long-distance relationship or already in a long distance.

1. Emotional Intimacy

You should always have in mind that you would not be able to enjoy some privileges compared to those physically close as you are faced with the distance factor. This would help you in regulating your emotions when it starts feeling overwhelming. Rather than thriving in what you lack as a result of distance, these tools can help in regulating your emotions and build emotional intimacy between both partners.

a). Regular and effective communication: Always communicate with each other. Remember, every individual has their unique preferences. Pick a suitable time to talk every day especially if both partners or one is working or schooling. Always schedule time for each other. You can also talk via audio calls or FaceTime. Social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram and even Facebook have the video call options. Talk about your day and share if you encountered any challenges. Talk about the funny events that happened or the colleague that dressed in a certain manner, laugh it off. This helps build and strengthen the bond you both share.

b). Plan Dates: I know yeah..? How can we plan dates when we don’t live in the same city? We are not even geographically close? But hey, who told you that you need to be geographically close to plan dates? Let me give you an idea.

You could do book dates, pick a book on relationships, finances, personal development and you both can agree to finish the book in a month and talk about what you have learnt thus far.
Ah, you could do game nights too, many game applications allow for online contests, so you can plan a game night for an hour or two. Try iMessage Games. Try different things. Watching movies or TV shows simultaneously using services like Netflix Party or Teleparty, allowing for synchronized viewing and real-time chatting.

Explore anything you could do virtually. You can also do a dinner date. Set a romantic ambience with decorations, dress up, and sync your dining times to make it feel like a real date. Shared experiences help strengthen bonds.

c). Emotional Support: There are days when we feel emotionally down as humans. Maybe it could be because we had a bad day, or we couldn’t meet our set out goals, or even because we didn’t deliver as we ought to. Other times, hormones might try to play on our emotions causing the feeling of sadness.

Applying for jobs and not getting them, losing a loved one, failing an exam or a course, etc all require emotional support and love to help your partner overcome whatever might be draining them emotionally. Being there for each other and comforting each other in times of distress helps in the longevity of a long-distance relationship.

d). Commitment: This remains the force that drives all other tools that ensure the strength of the relationship. Be committed to know that you need to remain faithful to your partner despite the distant impediment. Be committed to investing in nurturing your relationship. Be committed to genuinely loving and working on the lapses that you both might have encountered. Be committed to making sacrifices. Be committed to being patient. Commitment is the foundation that holds a relationship.

e). Show gratitude: Always show how thankful you are to each other. Long-distance relationships come with a lot of work and sacrifice. This could come in the form of a heartfelt message, or exchange of gifts which could be through dispatch agencies. Always acknowledge and complement every effort be it big or small. After all, little things matter.

2. Physical Intimacy

It is of utmost importance to consider physical meetings during long-distance relationships. First off, is one partner willing to join the other in the city where the other is and settle down permanently? Do both parties have plans to settle down afterwards? What is the plan?

Having a plan to physically meet and bond should be taken into cognizance depending on what is causing the geographical impediment. If it is work, is one partner willing to give up his/her work and settle down in a new city? All these factors are to be taken into cognizance.

In the interim, scheduled visits should be made regularly. It could be once a month or twice in two months. Both lovers should have an open and honest discussion and decide on whatever works for them. These visits should be planned and worth it. Gifts should be exchanged on every visit symbolizing personal significance. Prioritize activities that build intimacy and physical closeness. Create memories that will sustain each other until the next time you plan to meet.

If you really love someone, never let anything impede you and this is distance inclusive. Every relationship requires effort and although long distance might require more, it always pays off at the end. Discipline, Patience, Commitment and True love is tested during Long Distance Relationships. If you both can make it work, it would take so much to break the bond shared.

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