How to Discover Your Purpose; 7 Trusted Strategies to Discovery

Look around you, the global figures, the successful businessmen and entrepreneurs, the outstanding leaders, they often have one thing in common; pursuing their passion. They are living their dream life because they identified their purpose.

Discovering one’s purpose could be daunting especially if it’s hard identifying how. Yet, it’s so beautiful and inspiring seeing people living their purpose and making a name for themselves. It’s as though they have their life all figured out and mapped out. Sometimes, you just sit and think, How did they do it?

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Right, before going farther, let’s understand the concept of Purpose.
Oxford Dictionary defines Purpose as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”.In this context, I would replace “something” with “someone”. Simply put, Purpose refers to the reason why you exist, which when identified, gives you fulfillment and satisfaction.

Identifying your passion gives you the reassurance that you are on the right path as you journey through life.
In this article, you will be learning how to discover your passion as you journey into living your best life. Here are few tips;

1). Find Your Passion

Many people mistake their Hobbies with their Passion. I would be stating the obvious difference between both concepts.
A hobby is simply what we love doing in our leisure time.
A Passion is much more. Yes, Passion is what we love doing. But it’s more than just what we love doing and it’s not just limited to our leisure time.
Passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about something that brings us satisfaction afterwards.
Passion is a strong enabler to a successful future, that’s if you can identify what yours is, and build it. Passion is that drive, that hunger, that thirst that gives you satisfaction only if you can nurture it.

For example you could have a passion for photography or music or medicine or even building. There’s always something that ignites that fire in you.
Finding your passions comes with so many advantages; Living your purpose, Clarity, Fulfillment, and Satisfaction and it builds your confidence.
It also leads to a happy life, you have figured out what you want and you are doing it, helping people and also getting rich.
Who wouldn’t want all these?,
Certainly not you.

2). What are Your Goals?

Identifying your goal is another proven way of identifying your passion. This is because Goal setting necessitates clarity and focus which births motivation, especially Long Term Goals.
In ten years time, I want to be one of the most powerful businessmen in the world. How do you intend to do that?Why do you even want to be one of the most powerful businessmen in the world?

Identifying your goals leads to deep questions which redirect you to your purpose. The “what’s and how’s” leads to self-reflection which helps in revealing your core motivations and interests. This is closely linked to your purpose. That’s if you can answer these questions.

3). Meditation and Journaling

Spending time alone with yourself and enjoying the serenity that comes with it is one of the best ways of discovering your purpose. The outside world is filled with so much noise and one can easily get distracted and lack clarity. Trust me, you can never discover yourself or your purpose in a noisy and distracting atmosphere.

The best way to achieve clarity is during mediation. Silence from the outside world. You understand the synergy between your breathing and thinking. This promotes self-awareness. You will understand how much insight you can get during meditation. A lot is revealed, and messages and visions are gotten.

You wouldn’t want to let all those revelations go just like that, right?. This is where journaling comes in. Write down everything you got during your alone time and during mediation. Meditation and Journaling are important and powerful tools in purpose discovery.

4). Inspiration

Your inspiration and purpose are oftentimes intertwined. This is because your inspiration stems from your values and passions. When something inspires you, it ignites passion and motivation within you guiding you to your purpose.
For example, you could see a lawyer advocating for women’s rights and you are so moved because you feel women have been mistreated in a way. You find yourself researching women’s rights or even on the lawyer you saw. You strongly believe that if he can make such a huge difference or even take up the task, you can too.
Again, you could see an outstanding artwork that tells a beautiful story of culture. You can’t stop thinking about it. You love the colour uniformity and all that. You love how the artist was able to use an artwork to tell a story.You feel you can do that too. You find yourself trying to paint or get tools that are meant for artists.

That has inspired you. In the long run, you could see yourself being an artist or owning an art gallery.

5). What Do You Care About?

What do you find yourself spending time on? You could find yourself always writing or so eager to talk to young people. You could have a thing for repairing cars or you just love caring for animals. You could love flowers so much that you care for them. You could love designing clothes so well that others compliment you.
What you care about leads you to discovering your purpose. If you are someone who loves speaking to young people, your purpose could be, being an inspirational speaker. Inspiring young people to go better or be better could be what you are called for.

If you are someone who loves fixing cars, developing car modules to help in transportation could be your calling.
Always have this in mind, there is always a relationship between what you care about and your purpose.

6). Practice

Sometimes, the only way you can find your purpose is constant practice. Trying so many things until you find something that ignites that spark in you.
A lot of people can attest to the fact that they are doing things right now that they couldn’t just picture themselves going years back, yet it brings them so much satisfaction and fulfillment.

When you were younger, you might have wanted to be a doctor just because you admire the way they dress. Growing up, you discover that nothing interests you more than their dressing. It ends there. You find out that in fact, medically related topics do not interest you at all.
Practice saves you from such scenarios. You could pick up a side job while in college. You could help the librarian in the library. You could engage in community services. Just keep practicing, until you find that which you are enthusiastic about.

7). Identify Your Strengths

Everybody has that unique thing that distinguishes them from others. That thing they do naturally without having to work twice as hard as others. That thing that people commend you for. That is your strength!

The world would be better if people can identify their strengths and work on them rather than dwelling on their weaknesses. Find that thing that gives you an edge over others and work on it until you become irresistibly good.
Finding one’s purpose is only possible through conscious and deliberate efforts and if you try these tips above, you would always find your purpose.

Additional tips, after discovering your purpose ensure you look for a mentor, one who could guide you in your field and create networks with people that share similar interests.

Good luck in your journey of purpose discovery.

Author: Sola Legend

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