How to have a productive day in 5 Simple ways

Do you know that the outcome of your day is greatly determined by your morning habits?, I bet you had no idea. Many people complain about how bad their day turned out to be or how they simply couldn’t complete their tasks and how worn out they are by the end of the day.

However, the first thing they do every morning is scrolling on social media and catching up with the gist. Or they simply decide to catch another sleep for the next 10 minutes, which would probably take another 30 minutes of their time.

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How do you expect to have a productive and happy day with poor morning routines?

In this article, I will be revealing all you need for a productive and happy day. You would be more relaxed, satisfied and happy by the end of your day if you practice all keys in their chronological manner.

1). Wake Up Earlier Than 6 am

When you wake up earlier than the rest of the world, you have more time to yourself and you can plan a productive day. You would understand the phrase “Time is Value” when you barely have time to exhaust your activities.

If you normally wake up by 6 am or later, re-adjust your waking hours. Try to keep up this new habit of yours.

One important way of achieving this is by planning the night before. Try to have enough rest in the evening hours and go to bed early. Reduce whatever distracting activity that takes up your time before bed. If you normally scroll through social media for 3 hours before you sleep, you can reduce it to 30 minutes, just to increase your rest time. If you watch television a lot or hang out with friends every night after work, you should re-adjust that. Remember to do away with the irrelevancies to buy more rest time.

2). Connect With Your Source Energy

We all have our belief systems concerning our source. Whatever yours could be, it  is important to connect to your Source  energy every morning before doing anything else. Have your quiet time and ensure you have zero distractions.

Show gratitude. Express your concerns about your days and how much you wish to achieve, ask for grace to conquer whatever the day brings and just generally speak into your day. This could be for 30 minutes.

For example, if you are a Christian, thank God for the day. Talk to him about your expectations and you could read your Bible.

Connecting to your source energy gives you the assurance that your day would be better and you would be more confident by the end of the day.

3). Journal and To-Do List

Always remember to journal. A lot of people get inspiration during the early hours of the day. Write out whatever thought that comes to your mind, you do not want to let go of such valuable thoughts, do you?.

You could always write out your feelings in the journal. It would enhance your clarity and thought process.This could take 10-20 minutes.

Plan your to-do list! Some people do it the night before, others during the morning. I recommend you do it after connecting with your source of energy.

A little tip; things like sorting out outfits and meals for the entire week should be done during the weekend, so you do not have to worry about those tasks.

For example, instead of worrying about what to eat or what to wear, you would be more concerned about how to keep to time, by 7:30 am breakfast, by 8:20 am shower and dressed, 8:40 Hit the road, depending on how adjustable your schedule is.

Always include everything you would do in your To-do List, it creates a way for planning and accountability.

4). Exercise

Exercising for 5-10 minutes every day could do more good to your health than you could ever imagine. Health experts claim that during exercise, the body releases “Endorphin”, also known as the “feel good hormone”. This hormone serves as natural painkiller and mood enhancer. One of the many health benefits of exercise.

You can leave the strenuous and time-consuming exercise for weekends. Simple exercises like jogging, yoga, skipping or even walking to school or work must be included in your daily routine. These are the visible results you would see subsequently; improved cardiovascular performance, increased strength and flexibility and improved health. You would also be able to think more clearly.

Never forget, it is very extremely important to include exercise in your daily routine.

5). Maintain A Positive Mindset For The Rest Of The Day

Always have this in mind, you are responsible for your actions to yourself and to others. You might not be able to control the external situation but you are able to control your reaction and thoughts. The best way to achieve this is by maintaining a positive mindset.

You could say to yourself; “Irrespective of whatever happens today, I will stay happy.” Be open-minded. A colleague in the office might likely get on your nerves, a stranger on the street might insult you or your partner might try to unconsciously ruin your day. 

Never let anything ruin your day. Today would be an amazing day for me regardless of any external factor that may try to ruin it. Affirm to yourself every day.

Additionally, you could make it a habit of listening to a self-improvement podcast every day as you leave for school or work. It helps your focus and trains your thinking process. You could read two pages or even a book’s chapter every night. Make sure you read every day as it helps in clarity and self-development. You could see a documentary in place of movies during work break. Leave entertainment for the weekends.

Also, ensure you exhaust everything on your To Do List every day. Try to stick to the time as written. Try to do away with excuses as to why you might not be able to keep up.

If you can practice these 5 keys, be rest assured to see changes in your day and more satisfying outcomes. The transition and adjustment might take a while to get used to but ensure you are consistent and disciplined towards achieving all I outlined. Ensure you follow every step chronologically. Also, always track your achievements by the end of each week.

I wish you the best in your journey of transforming your day.

Author: Sola Legend

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