How to Know if He Loves You; 10 Realistic Checklists Every Woman Should Know

It can be very exhausting not being able to satisfy one’s curiosity, especially one that has to do with love. It hurts even more when we love someone and can’t tell if that person feels the same way about us.

Everyone desires their own person and ultimately, women are dreamy when it comes to love. As a woman, you may want to always explore and recreate the kind of love found in romantic books, movies or even from your parents.

The urge is even stronger when you have a crush. Probably one that you sincerely love but do not know if he shares the same feeling as you do. Again, women love to be loved genuinely. If you know what I mean. A woman always wants to be sure that a man sincerely loves her and does not lust after her.

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Knowing if a man loves you can be a little bit complex, however, If you really want to satisfy your curiosity about if he really loves you, here are the key indicators you need to look out for;

1. He Tells You He Loves You

First Rule First; Never assume he loves you, if he hasn’t said so. Verbal affirmation is a clear and direct way of expressing his love. Hearing “I Love You” provides reassurance and eliminates doubts. A man who loves you will always make his feelings known because he wants to establish a bond with you.

There are cases of women assuming they are in a relationship with a man just because he was kind or he called every day. Then when they break up, the men simply state that they never told them they were in any relationship with them & because the women only assumed.
Don’t fall prey to this situation. If you are not clear on his intentions or you feel he is too shy, ask questions. Why do you show me this much kindness? Why do you care? Why do you do things that every other person wouldn’t do without expecting anything in return? Ask until he tells you his intentions.. Always remember the first rule!

2. He Shows Action

People often say “Actions speak louder than words”. I tend to agree with that. Actions are often more than telling words when it comes to understanding the complexities of love. How much can you deduce from his actions that he really loves you?
Men are naturally territorial. When he loves a woman, his territorial instincts often manifest as a desire to love and care for her. This reflects his commitment to making sure she feels valued and secure.

You do not even need to be told that a man loves you when he shows the right actions. Every word he tells you aligns with his actions. He cares for you, nurtures you and invests so much in you. That’s how you know he loves you.

3. Intentional about Your Goals

A man who loves you would be intentional about your goals. This is because he wants you to grow and be of value to yourself. He asks questions like; “why do you want to do this?”, “how can I help you in achieving this?”, “How far have you gone with this?”.
Some men go further by recommending books, podcasts, documentaries & even seminars for their ladies. Others might finance whatever it is that their ladies want to achieve so she can be happy.
For instance, if you talk about taking a course, he might research the best option. These are ways to encourage you and signal you that he cares.

By helping out with tasks, offering guidance, or stepping in when you need assistance, he shows that he is invested in your life.
Always have this in mind. A man who loves you always wants you to be happy. A man who loves you would actively support your aspirations. Trust me, there is no better feeling of happiness and fulfilment than when a woman is winning and achieving what she sets her mind to do.

4. He Accords You Respect

You can always tell when a man respects you. From the way he speaks to you, to the way he prioritizes you & down to the way he remembers the little but important details.
Watch out for the things he says to you in anger. How he corrects you when you do something wrong, how he treats you when your hormones are raging & how he assures you everything will be fine.

It is imperative to note that the way he treats you is a signal to others about how they treat you. A man who loves you would treat you with respect in private, in front of his family and friends and in public.
Never forget that.

5. Introduce You to His Friends and Family

A man who loves you would certainly flaunt & introduce you to the most important people in his life; family & friends. This is important to him because he sees you as an important part of his life. It is a way of seeking support from them & expecting them to accept you just as he has and accord you the same respect they would accord him.

By introducing you to them, he establishes a clear claim, which is a form of territorial behaviour. A “this is mine” message. If a man does not introduce you to his family or friends, then trust me, you have not secured a deep place in his heart.

6. He provides support

When I mean support, I mean all-round support in areas like emotional, physical, or financial, demonstrating his commitment to your needs and goals.
Emotional support like being your beacon when you are undergoing trying times or moments, words of assurance, being empathetic, not judgemental & generally reassurance that it’s going to be okay.

Physical support like being there for when you are sick, moving into a new home or space or with tasks you need assistance with like household chores.

Financial support like providing financial help if the need arises. This shows that he cares about you and is willing to share responsibilities and burdens.

7. He Communicates

Men are not natural talkers, but a man who loves you would always want to talk to you. They open up about how their day went, talk about the game with the boys & even what hurts them deeply.
A man who loves you would constantly remind you of how much you mean to him. Even when issues arise between you two, he makes a conscious effort to see that you talk things through.

When a man loves you, he is transparent and opens up to you. He becomes vulnerable around you. Sharing his true feelings, fears and insecurities means that he is committed to building a genuine relationship.

8. He Expresses Love Languages

When a man loves you, he wants to know all about you. He could study you, observe which love language you love most or he could simply ask. For example, if you love physical touch & words of affirmation, he would do that more often to make you happy.

If he sees that you love doing home chores, he could render acts of service. If he knows you love gifts, he would be intentional about gifting you and knowing the kind of gifts you love.

9. He is willing to wait

If you are the kind of lady who is not really ready for sex at the moment or you believe in some kind of philosophy after sex, like marriage before sex, he would respect that decision. Don’t get me wrong, there are moments when it is really hard to control yourself when you are alone with someone you love, but a man who loves you will learn to restrict himself until he is sure you’re ready.

Sometimes, they are even intentional, by deliberately avoiding scenarios that could cause the stir, or even when you are probably in a drunken state, they would never take advantage of you.

10. He Sees You in His Future

Watch the way he speaks. Does he use an “I” instead of a “we”. Does he include you in his future plans? Does he throw random comments like, “when we grow old together?” or, “I can’t wait for us to settle down”. Does he include you in topics that are business or career-related?

For example; “Babe I would like to start up this business, I see myself big in 5 years. What do you think I should do to help me grow?” You would always know for sure if he really loves you. He sees you as a lifetime commitment and shows you by his actions.

Notice something as you read through. More actions and respect!

In summary, love is shown through a combination of words, actions and respect. A man who loves you will always show you from the way he treats you. However, always remember that both parties are expected to play their respective roles. If you find your partner doing all these, it is your responsibility to reciprocate these actions.

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