How to Offer Value to Yourself and to Others

We live in a world where personal interest is top priority. People are in relation to others because of the value they offer or because of the advantages they can enjoy. Organizations employ the best hands because they can’t afford incompetence and they want to offer value to their customers.

Everywhere you turn to, value is needed and everyone wants to be around a valuable person or amongst the best. Top businessmen, top entrepreneurs, top authors and all those who are in top positions all have something in common, Value!

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Value is important in life because it creates meaningful bonds and enhances a positive impact on oneself and others. Being a person of value leads to a sense of fulfilment, satisfaction and purpose.
Value is an enhancing factor to one’s life and the lives of others producing beautiful legacies.

How to be a Valuable Person

Since Value helps build meaningful connections and networks, it is of utmost importance that every person should make it one of their topmost priorities as I believe everyone would love to leave beautiful legacies.

So, how can we build ourselves to be valuable?

1. Investing in Your Personal Development: One of the most effective and proven ways you can be valuable as a person is investing in yourself. Investing in oneself goes beyond buying the latest products, showing off, traveling or even owning the latest gadgets. Investing in oneself is the conscious effort towards his/her personal development. It is overlooking the current luxuries to ensure that they build a rigid future for themselves and enjoy those luxuries later. Misplaced priorities have made so many people not take their personal development lightly while in reality, every great person who has gained influence always maintains the importance of personal development amongst all other factors.

What a lot of people do not know is that there is a lot of valuable information that could transform their lives at their disposal.How often do you consciously invest in personal development books? Can you mention 5 books on finances or business? Do you know any authors on psychology? When important topics like business, health, finance or investment, to what extent can you contribute?

You do not need to go extra miles to get access to this information. There are ebook options. You could watch documentaries about outstanding people on YouTube or other search engines. You could research on how to be a better person. Ensure you are so hungry for knowledge that you are so insatiable. Remember, you can only offer what you have.

2. Stay Disciplined: Every valuable person knows one thing for sure. You can never be valuable without discipline. Discipline is one of the building blocks of Value. We live in a world where most people do things without planning or foresight just because it suits them at the time. They take life as they see life unfolds. Well, the truth is that this category of people would make little or no change as they haven’t built discipline.

The category of people who believe that life is what they make of it and take life into their own hands are those who remain outstanding. They understand the relevance of discipline and endeavour to harness its power.
Discipline is that act of subjecting oneself in a bid to stand out. Value depicts commitment. You must be disciplined to stay committed. I want to be well read. I want to be outstanding in my line of business. I want to be in high demand globally. I am willing to pay the price right now, I am willing to learn and master the art of whatever craft I am interested in. That is all that matters.

3. Find Your Niche: Everybody has something they do better than someone they do better than every other person. That thing that stirs up fire and your passion, that is niche. Most times, you are willing to do it without monetary reward. You just enjoy doing it. That is your niche. Your own thing. For example, if you love fashion so much that everything about it intrigues you, you could start up a fashion line. To sharpen and broaden your knowledge, read widely about fashion. Follow outstanding fashion makers on social media. Attend workshops. Listen to the successes and failures of fashion makers. Exhaust everything you could find on that. Learn your craft so well that you are sure that you are almost irreplaceable. Certainly, you can’t do everything but you see that thing you can do, do your thing. Do it, quench every hunger and curiosity.

4. Invest in Soft Skills: Not everyone is good with hard skills or has a thing with hard skills. However, everybody should have a soft skill. These include communication, teamwork, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, adaptability, and time management.

Soft skills are important for effective leadership and overall business success. You must learn to understand people enough and be emphatic. Learn to master the art of emotional intelligence. Always try to solve problems anywhere you go. In your organization or chains of networks. Building on your vocabulary. Learn simple and clear terms. Learn complex terms. Ensure that wherever you find yourself, you can communicate in an understandable manner. Build strong communication abilities.
My point is that soft skills are as important as hard skills. Everybody is talking about hard skills and sidelining soft skills whereas, everybody should be developing their soft skills.

5. Build Networks: Networking entails building strong and professional relationships that exposes you to information and opportunities. Building networks is so important. You have spent the entirety of your life making friends. But how many strong connections do you have? Make conscious efforts at making and creating networks. It is easier building networks when you are developing your crafts and satisfying your curiosity. Attend seminars and workshops. Join organizations that you teach and learn from. Put your soft skills to work. These are natural ways of building networks.

How to Offer Value to Others

Always have this in mind. How much you have invested in yourself equates to how much value you can offer to people. If you have invested in yourself so much, you would be able to help solve problems for not just people but extending to organizations.

Soft skills like active listening, ability to communicate, empathy,etc can do so much more than you can imagine. When you are knowledgeable, you can share your knowledge and expertise. When you have created connections, you can connect others and help out in collaborations. Simply put, your input equates your output.

Never forget to invest so much in yourself, stay disciplined and committed to be your best version. Only then can you be of value to both yourself and the society at large.

Author: Sola Legend

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