Six Ways to Deal with Body Insecurities

by Sola Legend
Six Ways to Deal with Body Insecurities

If there is anything that limits our interactions with the environment the most, it is our insecurities.

Almost everyone has one or more things about them that they do not want their neighbour or others generally to know or find out about them. This is different from the normal secrets you keep.

Insecurities are special secrets you keep because of the way they make you feel or because of the shame they bring. Like a broken tooth or a missing finger, we often feel uncomfortable when people see them and ignorantly begin to ask about how it happened.

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While the major forms of insecurities are physical like being the tallest in the room with other people of moderate height or having a part of your face covered in freckles, some can be mental feelings like being always broke or considering yourself less attractive amidst your peers.

When you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by your insecurities, your confidence and quality of life generally will surely suffer setbacks.

Below are six simple ways to boost your confidence and deal with your insecurities

Speaking Positively to Yourself: The feeling that comes with having insecurities can often be an overwhelming stream of negative emotions. To be able to stay above this feeling, you must think of what you could achieve by putting these insecurities aside and begin to speak more positively of yourself. Think of your ability or talent, or more of the good things you have in your life rather than hiding yourself away in self-pity. So, when you are faced with the reflection of that embarrassing freckles on your face, for instance, uplift your mind and thoughts with how gorgeous your bright eyes look or how elegantly your hair flows down your shoulders.

Recognise Your Weaknesses as Your Strengths: Another step to overcoming the negative feelings attached to your insecurity is recognising and admitting it to yourself. There are even famous personalities who have managed to convert what was supposed to be their insecurity to their great strengths. One such personality is American singer Lizzo, who despite her plus size, wears only what makes her comfortable to her concerts and performances. You can also begin to channel your inner energy into making your weakness into your driving force.

Practice Everyday Mindfulness: There is so much to live for than constantly reminding yourself of your insecurities. You must be mindful of what you say to yourself and how you even think about it. Remember that everyone has a shortcoming. You may only know when they tell you. Be mindful of the people you talk to. And the kind of company you keep should not be the kind that uses your insecurities as weapons against you during slight disagreements.

Focus on What Your Body Can Do: If your insecurity is physical such as a part of your body, you may want to invest more of your time into discovering other things your body can do better. Look into your talent, your strength and the resilience of your body. Do things that make you feel good. This is where you shift focus away from the scale and instead of letting the numbers on it dictate your mood, accept it and make your well-being a higher priority.

Surround Yourself with Supportive People: You may often need help at some point, like if you need to hit the gym for some physical activities. You may need friends around as it is more fun. Therefore, surround yourself with positive people. And learn to share some of your worries with the people you trust. This way you do not feel disconnected from the world around you.

Limit Your Exposure to Unrealistic Standards: One of the most misleading places to get a good living standard for your life is social media. You should be conscious of how the things you see on the various social media platforms influence your daily reality. If you are deliberate about maintaining a positive state of mind as regards your insecurities, it will do you a greater good to mute or unfollow accounts that make you feel less of yourself in terms of beauty or handsomeness or living some kind of life on social media.

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