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Eight ways to get out of a toxic relationship

by Sola Legend
Eight ways to get out of a Toxic relationship

Have you just realised that the relationship you are in is toxic?

This may have been showing up as unpleasant red flags in the past, like when your partner has no iota of respect for you, or they are mostly often negative about whatever opinion you suggest to them.

There are numerous ways in which a toxic relationship can present itself. Apart from what is already mentioned above, a toxic relationship can also be in the form of some sort of emotional abuse such as manipulations and humiliation around their friends.

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When you find your partner constantly undermining your self-esteem and always wanting to be in control. What you see may be signs of a toxic relationship and you may need to start working on getting out before it is too late.

Below are eight easy ways you can get out of their toxic relationship.

Start with yourself: How much have you been affected and how much more can you bear? You need to ask yourself this question to know your next line of action. That aside, You will also need to check if any of your own actions deliberate or not are a contributing factor to the level of toxicity in the relationship. Because some actions have unpleasant consequences, it is possible that what you did at some point in the relationship in the past contributed to your partner’s change of behaviour. So check yourself and make adjustments where necessary too.

Identify the little signs: Couples, friends, and people generally get into fights occasionally. But the existing bond between them will often help them resolve and get through it. However. You must watch out for the little signs that make a relationship toxic, like frequent criticism, unhealthy dependency, and sometimes even physical abuse. When you observe a pattern where tension builds up, leading to conflicts, then apologies and then doing it all over again at shot, regular intervals, you may have found yourself in a toxic relationship. And the signs are clearly pointing to your exit.

Have a support system: When you begin making plans to leave your toxic relationship, it is important to have someone close to you to share your exit plans with. A close friend or family can see things from a fresh and outside perspective and offer more reliable guidance and emotional support. Also, this is very important not just for the support but particularly if your partner has had any history of physical violence or has made threatening moves on you.

Set boundaries: If you have decided to leave the relationship due to its toxic nature, you must immediately set boundaries to avoid making old mistakes and falling out of your exit plans. While you are still together, you should clearly state what you will take and what you will not tolerate. And when they cross that set boundaries, you should be prepared to take action.

Create an exit plan: A toxic relationship can sometimes be a traumatic experience, especially when you have invested so much of your life into it. When you remember the good old memories before it all gradually turned sour, you might want to stay and find a lasting solution. There is no shame in trying to make things get better, but you must have an exit plan in case this solution or therapy doesn’t work.

Seek professional help: It is often difficult to walk out of a toxic relationship all by yourself, often because of the emotional attachments and connections. This is why you might need to get in touch with a professional therapist or counsellor. With them, you may be able to avoid any immediate danger or struggles when leaving your abusive relationship.

Having money is important: The main reason why many won’t leave their abusive relationship is often associated with the lack of money. Your savings is what you will fall back on at this point, so it is important to have enough money of your own, so you are not forced to return to your toxic partner or friend if you eventually manage to leave in the first place.

Take good care of yourself: So, what happens after you have successfully exited your toxic relationship? You should invest a little in your own well-being and comfort. Take time to heal. Find new hobbies. Take frequent walks. These will help to rejuvenate your health and most importantly, learn from your past mistakes and try your best to avoid any repetition of such by paying closer attention to signs from the beginning of any new relationship.

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