How to know someone truly loves you; 15+ signs that show someone truly loves you

by Sola Legend

Do you want to know if your partner truly loves you; Have you ever wondered if they were the right choice?

Have you ever had to ask yourself if the person you are currently dating truly has the same feelings for you? Do they really love you like they actually say or claim?

If they honestly and truly love you, how would you be able to tell from the signs and the pieces of evidence hidden in their daily behaviours towards you?

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You see, there are signs, and most times they are pretty obvious. So much that you can tell a pretender and a true lover apart, you must take notes of these signs.

Doing what it takes to understand your lover will always be a good investment of time. And you don’t want to continue wasting away your time if the signs are not in your favour.

So, you love this person? Is the feeling mutual? Do they love you back? Have you asked yourself these questions?

Genuine friendship is not forced. Naturally, you could tell.

From the day-in, day-out activities and their involvement in your togetherness. Their person and character.

Every time you worry about the future of the friendship or relationship with that person, there are, usually, a thousand reasons or signs that show that they may not be into you like that.

So regardless of how long you have been together with the rights partner, whether for a day or a couple of months more, there is that feeling of conviction that you can sort out whatever differences that may suddenly arise now or in the nearest future. Well, of course, that is if they truly love you. And that is if you can tell that they do really love you.

If your partner doesn’t seem to feel this way, it might not be a bad sign yet. This is because people have different things on their minds all the time, so they may just need more time to see things exactly how you see them. Or it could also just mean that they care less about you, and you need to start scouting for another partner. However. If the former is the case, you may need to be the patient one. And give them more time, especially if they have other ways of showing you true love.

As mentioned earlier, the signs to always tell if someone truly loves you, as they claim, are not always immediately obvious. For this reason, I have listed some simple yet identifiable signs to watch out for.

Below are some 15 simple signs to observe in the person who claims to love you truly and genuinely.

  1. Communication: When someone truly loves you, their everyday communication with you will be healthy. They will always find the sweetest way to express their feelings and thoughts to you without habitually making simple conversations complex.
  2. Empathy: In the likeliness of a situation that makes you uncomfortable or sad, even when you are unnecessarily being dramatic about it, they feel concerned and think about what you may be going through before passing on to you any blame. Simply put, they put themselves in your shoes and try to feel what you are feeling.
  3. Attention: In the moments you share together, when someone genuinely loves you, their attention towards you won’t be divided. Even when they have to attend to other things, they’ll do it so briefly and be back to you as soon as possible.
  4. Acceptance: When true love is in the picture, your shortcomings are mostly overlooked. A true lover will accept you for who you are and put effort into supporting you when you are making any changes about yourself.
  5. Jealousy: Jealousy is not always bad, it is the obsession that is. If someone loves you, they will have that tendency to be jealous when you’re around someone else or you are doing things your way without involving them. They will almost always want to be part of your progress and might be unhappy when you are leaving them in the dark about important aspects of your life. They also show some fear of losing you.
  6. Respect: They will respect your personal space, privacy, friends, and the things you love. And even when you’re not together in the same location, a person who genuinely loves you is careful not to disrespect your absence.
  7. Given and sharing: A true lover will hardly hold anything back from you. Freely and happily, they will share what’s theirs with you and would without hesitation give to you what is theirs but makes you happy if it’s in their capacity to do so.
  8. Interest: Whatever a genuine partner does will always be in your best interest. They will always look out for you ensuring your growth and happiness.
  9. Protection: When someone says they love you, one sign they will exhibit is how they care for your physical and emotional safety. They will prioritize keeping you safe from harm and create a supportive environment that defends your honour, guards your secrets, and never judges you. They make you safe and secure around them.
  10. Tolerance: Whenever you are around someone that shows genuine likeness toward you, you feel completely accepted into their domain. They won’t make you feel uncomfortable being yourself. They will most likely support your important choices and make you stay true to yourself.
  11. Openness: A caring partner who truly and genuinely loves you will always be open with you on any matter even if it might challenge your comfort a bit. They will never want to put you in the dark about their important choices unless it is absolutely necessary such that even when you find out, it won’t be hard for you to forgive.
  12. Support: This could be in the form of financial support, physical or emotional support, they will offer to give some level of support on those occasions when you need someone to be there for you such as a shoulder to lean on.
  13. Future plans: When someone loves you, they will always include and let you in on their future plans.
  14. Remembering Small Details: Sometimes it is not easy to commit some little things about a relationship or even friendship to heart but it’s the effort that often matters. When someone loves you, they make such effort into remembering those little details such as a wedding anniversary, a birthday, your favourite colour or dish.
  15. Compromising: Life sometimes is all about compromises and a true lover will often know when to compromise in cases of slight conflicts. They mostly will choose to be with you rather than to be right over you in an argument.

In conclusion, even though every person has their various unique way of showing love and care, a person who truly loves you will show most if not all of these signs listed above. Sometimes, we are also required to exercise some level of patience in understanding our partners as they also might be observing us or putting up some unobservable tests to see if they can commit to the relationship. It is therefore important that you as an observer is also showing these signs so that the feelings can be reciprocated.

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